Next-Gen 911 GT2 RS Rumors & Rendering

Another type 991.2 family rumor coming from UK car magazine AutoCar are some details about the highly anticipated maximum performance 911 GT2 RS. This model that traditionally mixes the most powerful evolution of the 911 Turbo’s mill with the knife-edged chassis of the GT3 RS is the pinnacle in 911 performance. Obviously, the latest 991.2 iteration is expected to reset the bar.

According to AutoCar, there was a plan for a “massive” power gain, even above the 997 GT2 RS’ 650 bhp back in 2010. However, Stuttgart learned during the development phase that a move above 700 bhp made it clear the motor would need a water injection system to keep temperatures in check.

Given what they learned, Porsche’s development engineers decided to re-think the approach, opting for a final output of 650 bhp. While not as much as originally intended, this is still 90 bhp more than the current 911 Turbo S and more than 170 bhp per liter.

Another bit of insight is that this will be the final bow for the older flat six engine design. The next 911 Turbo will feature a new mill based on the latest also turbocharged flat sixes from the 991.2 Carrera, S and GTS models… albeit with an obvious performance bump given the proliferation of Turbos across the 911 range.

As for timeframe, the UK publication’s Porsche source reportedly says the new 911 GT2 RS “should be ready to go by the end of the year”. Could that mean a Los Angeles Auto Show debut? Time will tell, but for now you can find more information about these rumors over on AutoCar.

Worth a note, our header image is a rendering from the Pennsylvania-based NS2 Media. More graphic stripe-laden versions of this rendering have been seen before, though this handsome non-striped Mexico Blue example seemed well worth including in this rumor story that admittedly published with more of a focus on the 991.2 GT3 over on AutoCar.


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