Cool 993 Style Taillight Cluster from Gunther Werks

Since it debuted last year about this time, Gunther Werks has gone about meticulously carving out its own “re-imagining” niche based on the Porsche 911 type 993. Unlike more commonly backdated endeavors in this space, Gunther Werks tends to focus upon improving the 993 within the context of… well… the 993. Case in point is this taillight cluster they’ve recently teased on Facebook.

Regarding the piece, the Facebook post states:

A look at the details of our optional full LED powered rear tail lights. #aircooled #bespoke #handmade #iconremastered #porsche911

Though the taillight cluster appears to be the same shape as the original 993, some details have changed. Note the less wide and more dot matrix composed rearview light sections, the contour line shape of the lens most notable along the bottom of the center segment, or the multi layer LED light signatures at each corner.

There’s no doubt the piece offers a subtle new facet to Gunther Werks’ remastered 993. Alas, for other 993 owners, we’re guessing you’ll have to pony up for a full on Gunther Werks build in order to get the part. We’ll make sure to ask though when we see them at The Quail during Monterey Car Week next month.


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