Porsche GTS Routes App, In Case You Didn’t Know

Call us blind, but somehow we’d missed the announcement of the Porsche GTS Routes mobile phone app. Near as we can tell, the app has been around since 2014 and is tied to marketing of the GTS sub-brand within the Porsche model lineup, this useful application turns your mobile device into a great library of excellent driving routes as curated by other driving enthusiasts.

If you’re anything like us, you probably know your own favorite routes nearby or in a regularly visited locale. However, when you head out on the road to a new place or sometimes discover new stretches of tarmac even close by, the pleasure of finding a great driving route is undeniable. One can spend a lot of time trying to find such routes though… which is the very reason for GTS Routes.

As if to prove a point, this isn’t just a tool accessible on your mobile. Porsche’s also provided a web-based graphic user interface for drivers and fans to investigate before heading out on the road or firing up the iPhone. You can find the Porsche interface on Porsche.com HERE. It can also be found for your mobile device at the following links for APPLE and GOOGLE PLAY.


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