Plus Size D90 from Augment Wheel Company

We’ll admit it. We’re huge fans of plus-sized wheels. A subtle increase in radius to a stalwart factory wheel design adds a certain flair and cleanliness that’s hard to compete with. Given that, plus-sized Fuchs are available from multiple suppliers, though the early 964-era D90 has not been so augmented… until now.

When it comes to OEM Porsche wheels, the D90 may be the most bold choice in subtlety Porsche ever approached. When it came time to replace the iconic Fuchs with the introduction of the 964, they went with the flat-faced conservative Design 90 (a.k.a. D90). When it was later replaced with the Cup 1, the D90 was relegated to a fair level of obscurity. Even still, it’s hard to deny the handsome simplicity of the wheel when applied to late 80s and 90s era models such as the 964, 928 or 944 S2.

Canadian wheel manufacturer Augment Wheel Company has taken a stab at plus-sizing the D90, and they’ve done so with a high degree of faithfulness to the original design. Few if any liberties were taken in hashing out the look, including the wheels’ one-piece appearance.

We’ll admit it. We had the same idea, even enough to render our own Project 964 with plus-sized D90s in order to investigate what it might look like if we were able to make it happen. It seems though that Augment Wheel and the well-documented Ammo NYC Project 964 have beat us to the punch. 

What you see here are renders of a 17-inch D90 designed for road wheel fitment for the Ammo NYC Project 964. You’ll note the personal logo touches for Ammo NYC, and the black finish they specified for their car. Augment Wheel Company’s Dan Pye tells us they can make other diameters and any finish you want. He’s even listed a silver set for sale on Facebook’s World 964 Owners’ Group.

Check out more on this application posted on the Augment Wheel Company blog, including photos of the actual wheels fitted to Ammo NYC’s 964 HERE.


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