H&R Suspension for 718 Boxster & Cayman

Coming with new four-cylinder turbocharged engines, the smallest cars of the model series 718 from Zuffenhausen are stronger than ever before. However, you cannot go wrong with more dynamics – especially when H&R’s suspension experts hit the ground running. Their specially adapted sport springs promise some more “bite” for the suspension of the Porsche Cayman and Boxster in terms of optics and driving dynamics.

The combination of the H&R sport springs with the standard shock absorbers ensures a robust racing look, which will delight every Porsche fan. The bodies come closer to the tarmac up to 30 millimetres to dynamically set the stage for the stylish sport wheels and align them with the contours of the wheel arches. This modification has no effect on the remaining spring travel – but on the driving pleasure. Thanks to the special characteristics typical for H&R springs and the lowering of the centre of gravity, Cayman and Boxster turn out to be true “stars of the curves”: the brisk sports coupé is encouraged to change its direction in a controlled manner and with the greatest of ease. The sport springs are available now and with vehicle-specific certificate for the model series.


The Cayman and Boxster even drive a little more individual and sportier, when the wheels come closer to edges of the wheel houses. For this, the H&R “Trak+” wheel spacers, which come including certificate, widen the track by 10 to 36 millimetres per axle.

H&R components for the Porsche Cayman/Cayman S and Boxster/Boxster S (model series 718)

Sport springs
Part number: 28865-1 (for Type 982, 232-257 kW/300-350 hp)
– Lowering front/rear axle: approx. 30 mm (20 mm with PASM)

Trak+ Wheel Spacers

10-36 mm per axle; silver and black


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