Project 964: Porsche Classic Radio Unboxing

We’ll admit it, we find unboxing videos on YouTube to be a bit of much ado about nothing… at least in most cases. Even still, when a company takes great care in designing packaging for well-thought-out product then we’re willing to make an exception. Porsche Classic’s own radio navigation system is decidedly one of those products.

The 1990 911 Carrera 2 coupe that is the subject of our Project 964 series came with an inoperable audio system. While there’s a Sony head unit sitting in the place of the radio, it’s either not wired up or completely and utterly dead. All the better then to consider taking the plunge on Porsche Classic’s great-looking all-in-one head unit.

As you might expect, Stuttgart’s radio navigation system isn’t exactly the most affordable option on the market. That said, it is likely the most feature rich with a navigation system, satellite radio, bluetooth phone and auxiliary input all included in a single DIN space compatible with 911s of any vintage. For us, this was a must-have piece of kit set to replace our inoperative Sony unit.

Before jumping into the installation side of adding this to our Project 964, we wanted to share just how comprehensively Porsche Classic was at even packaging its offering. So yeah, we did an unboxing video. If you’re considering a Porsche Classic Radio navigation unit, hopefully this helps you make your decision.


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