TBT: RWB’s Akira Nakai Before Things Got Wide

No matter where you are in the Porsche lexicon, from casual owner, to engineer, racer or even aftermarket mogul, you had to start somewhere. There was always that bygone more innocent time, and that certainly applies to even the likes of RWB’s Akira Nakai. The proof is in the photos.

Recently we stumbled across this post by @80shero on Instagram. It seems he was searching through some 1990s era Japanese car magazines and he found this story on Nakai-san, not before RWB, but apparently before the wide-body builds he and his company are now known for.

Obviously, this is long before his matte black 930 went viral on Speedhunters. It was long before Brian Scotto decided to let him take the knife to Scotto’s 964 Turbo and blow minds at SEMA. It just goes to show how much things change in 20 years… and also how many things stay the same given how much that “narrow” body 911 he’s driving still appeals in so many ways.


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