H&R Suspension for 991 and 991.2

The second life and production cycle of the current 991-generation 911 also convinces by its enhanced suspension, when compared to its predecessor. But better is not yet good enough – that is what the engineers of suspension specialist H&R thought. So, for the entire series, from Carrera to Turbo S, they developed made-to-measure sport springs that are perfectly adapted to the respective suspension layout and the combination with the standard shock absorbers.

The sport springs cover the whole 991 model range in four different versions: thus, depending on the model, the chassis comes closer to the tarmac by 25 to 30 millimetres. A look that matches the sporty body shape particularly well, because the sports car appears extremely dynamic and individual with wheels diving deep into the wheel houses. Thanks to the special characteristics typical for H&R springs and the lowered centre of gravity, the reduced tendency to roll and the direct steering response additionally ensure maximum driving pleasure when driving the convertible or coupé through curves – no matter if the owner has a Carrera, Carrera 4, Targa or Turbo S in the garage.


Those who want to alter the appearance and the driving dynamics a little more, get their money’s worth with H&R sports anti-roll bars and “Trak+” wheel spacers. Except for Carrera GTS and the two Turbo versions, the sports anti-roll bars are available now for the compete model range including vehicle-specific certificate. “Trak+” wheel spacers are new in the programme for all 911 models, widening the track from 10 to 36 millimetres per axle.

H&R components for the Porsche 911 (991)

Sport springs

28880-1 for Carrera, Carrera S incl. Convertible, 2WD incl. PASM
– Lowering: approx. 30 mm (less with PASM)

28880-2 for Carrera GTS 2WD + 4WD incl. PASM
– Lowering front axle: approx. 25 mm; rear axle: approx. 20 mm (less with PASM)

28880-2 for Targa 4 incl. 4S, 4WD
– Lowering: approx. 25 mm (less with PASM)

28880-2 for Carrera 4, Carrera 4S incl. Convertible, 4WD, incl. PASM
– Lowering: approx. 25 mm (less with PASM)

28880-3 for Turbo and Turbo S, 4WD incl. PASM
– Lowering: approx. 30 mm (less with PASM)

Facelift 2016: only for vehicles with front-axle lift system

Sports anti-roll bars: 

33880-1 for the 2WD models (except GTS)
– Diameter front axle: 28 mm; diameter rear axle: 26 mm

33880-2 for the 4WD models (except GTS, Targa, Turbo)
– Diameter front axle: 28 mm; diameter rear axle: 26 mm

Wheel Spacers: 

10 mm to 36 mm per axle; silver and black


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