TechArt Releases Upgrades for Porsche 718 GTS

For all 718 drivers, TECHART provides enhancements in terms of both styling and performance. Especially for the new 718 GTS models as well as for all 718 featuring Porsche’s SportDesign Package, TECHART now offers even sportier looks with the new multi-part front spoiler. If desired, the integrated front splitter element is available in visible carbon fiber.

The range of TECHART carbon fiber parts offers additional opportunities to add motorsport highlights to the 718 models: besides the front splitter, TECHART carbon is available for the Airblades, the side mirrors, the side air intakes, the diffuser, trims and for the rear wing profile. Last but not least, TECHART offers a lot of carbon options for the 718’s interior, too.

TECHART’s front axle lift system helps to avoid restrictions in everyday use. According to Porsche, the SportDesign Package reduces ground clearance significantly. TECHART’s reliable Noselift system provides up to 60 mm of additional space at the front spoiler at the push of a button. The system includes two front axle sport springs (each with main an helper springs), two rear axle sport springs, two hydraulic cylinders, and a notably compact and space-saving hydraulic unit.

Already available for the non-GTS 2.5l engines, the TECHART TECHTRONIC enhances the power output by 37 kW (50 hp). For the 718 GTS, the powerkit is planned to be available by mid-2018. Although the technical specs are not finalized yet, the total power output is expected to climb to
305 kW (415 hp).

Brochure and additional information on TECHART options for the 718 is available at


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