Gemballa Mistale Based on New Porsche Panamera

The design of the luxury limousine GEMBALLA MISTRALE is even more dynamic, more striking and significantly more exclusive than its serial counterpart. For perfect surface quality and custom-fit processing of the newly designed aerodynamics components, GEMBALLA mainly uses the ultra-light and high-strength material carbon.

Part of the dynamic front look is a far more sporty front skirt. Larger air inlets guarantee the optimal supply with fresh air for future performance increases. An integrated carbon lip and an elegantly formed bonnet with slotted ventilation ducts complete the lifting-force reducing front. A striking eye-catcher of the GEMBALLA MISTRALE and visual allusion to the classic 911-design are the extended front and rear fenders. A newly designed rear apron with integrated diffuser provides enough space for four end pipes of the sport exhaust system and seamlessly fits into the overall package.

But not only design and aerodynamics are refined by GEMALLA. Also the performance of the four-door automobile is significantly improved. A newly programmed air suspension module with extended setting range lowers the centre of gravity up to 40 millimetres. For especially ambitious customers, GEMBALLA offers a height-adjustable coilover suspension. In connection with the ultra-light 22-inch forged rims both versions render best vehicle control and also optimal road contact. For excellent deceleration values and perfect pedal control, GEMBALLA adds a high-performance brake system. 6-piston brake callipers with 420 millimetre brake discs at the front axle and 4-piston brake callipers with 380 millimetre brake discs at the back axle replace the serial components.

To whip up a powerful storm in keeping with its name, GEMBALLA developed a power package for the new Turbo featuring a revised air inlet system, high efficiency intercoolers, larger capacity purpose-built turbochargers, a high-flow exhaust system with sport catalytic converters, and a remapped ECU. The resulting 745 hp/548 kW is a 48 percent power increase over the base vehicle. Along with a stump-pulling 955 Nm of torque (electronically limited), the extra horses rocket the MISTRALE to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds, and on to 338,8 km/h. While you can subjectively feel the enhanced speed and power of the uprated motor, every single one of these horses has to stand up and be counted on GEMBALLA’s chassis dynamometer. The resulting printout is signed and presented to the car’s owner upon delivery.

Choosing a GEMBALLA MISTRALE is making a statement that can be further underlined by a matching bespoke interior. When it comes to a personal choice of colour and trim materials, the sky is the limit. High-quality leather and fine fabrics – plain or patterned – add to the feeling of unbridled luxury, and even the smallest switches and panels can be covered in fine leather or colour-coded. Trim insert panels in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, wood, or even diamonds can all be handcrafted to complete a unique interior portrait. The experience and attention to detail of GEMBALLA’s master craftsmen and upholsterers guarantees a perfect result that will surprise and delight the owner. This is automotive haute couture at its finest. GEMBALLA’s bespoke programme also accommodates audiophiles and fans of technology, and anything from state-of-the-art multi-media to a built-in fridge to cool your champagne can be integrated into an interior.

GEMBALLA was founded in 1981 by Uwe Gemballa. The company was acquired by Steffen Korbach in 2010 and has been under his leadership as CEO since 2016. GEMBALLA has been registered as a manufacturer by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority since 1985. GEMBALLA exclusively manufactures top-quality, personalised vehicles and strives toward extreme increases in performance through high-quality tuning, luxury interior design, and a unique exterior style.


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