Singer Atherton Is One Incredibly Purple Porsche Targa

Singer Vehicle Design has released photos of its latest build, and the car is anything but subtle in the lexicon of the world’s most impressively detailed 911 backdates. Dubbed “The Atherton Commission”, this latest Porsche 911 re-imagined by Singer is one incredibly purple Targa.


Purple doesn’t always go well, so choosing the right shade or tone of the royal color is key. Here, Singer’s gone with a dark metallic that’s handsome and with just enough in-your-face color intensity. It’s paired simply with white stripes and Porsche script decals, not to mention full white face versions of the iconic Fuchs design alloys.


As is typically the case of a Targa build for Singer, the interior is on display much as a jewelry in a presentation box, and in as much the spec here weighs more heavily towards the bold end of the spectrum. The Recaro Sport seats and much of the rest of the interior are swathed in the darkest of purple leathers paired with an exceedingly light grey. The firm’s trademark woven leather is kept in solid tones, purple on the seat centers and light grey on the dashboard trim and doors. The contrasting tachometer, another Singer detail, is colored dark purple to match the theme of the car.


Check out more photos of the Atherton Commission below in our photo gallery, and make sure to follow Singer on Facebook where they regularly share their latest work.

Photo Gallery


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