Porsche GT2 RS with 703 hp, by Wimmer RS

Anyone who wants to have a Porsche must rely upon it in advance. WIMMER from Solingen, experienced in racing technology, has taken the time to make racing technology roadworthy with the complete approval of the TÜV. This time the object of desire was no less than the new model of the Porsche GT2 RS (probably the strongest Porsche 911-based series that was ever built). 

The performance has been already underpowered owing to Biturbo, which is not truly super sports car, and the engine, which earned its name in this case undeservingly. Let’s list the measures implemented in the engine-house software. Two turbochargers have been optimized. And the air intake has been adjusted. Fine-tuning of the throttle valve and installation of the sport air filter makes a great contribution to inexhaustible power of the engine. 

On the other hand, installation of a valve-controlled sport exhaust system along with sport catalysts play a decisive role in the never-ending forward thrust of the GT2 RS.
All things considered, the power is available after the performance increase at WIMMER.
Racing technology not to be despised at 703 hp (Standard Performance: 620 hp) with maximum torque of 810 Nm. The top speed – depending on the tires – is breathtaking 356 km/h. No doubt, the two following performance characteristics may contribute to exciting conclusion that can stop mouths of any disreputable motor sports fan: The sprint from zero to 100 km/h is completed in 3.3 seconds and passes the 200-km/h speed limit after just 9.5 seconds.


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